The heat has me restless, thirsty and irritable. Not the 'water' kind of thirsty but the Big Daddy Dino kind of thirsty. The 'Fill my glass and let's get gassed' kind of thirsty. Weekends were made for beating the heat and I can think of no better way to bring my cranky, restless, thirsty ass back to an even keel than with a Sunday tango behind the bar. Yes, it's cocktail hour here at the playground - and I think I have a Rum Watermelon itch that needs a scratch.

This was my thing in school, I was the Rum Watermelon guy. If you were having a dorm party, you called me and ordered one. If you were having a protest in the park, you called me and I brought one. If you needed to smuggle alcohol into an event, you came by and we poured one into Planter's Punch bottles. It was what I did. It has been many years since I last made one of these nasty brain bombs - but my ingredient list is still crisp and legible on the back of that stripper's business card and It brought back a flood of memories (of both of them to be honest). For me, there is something playfully exotic about this green and red Molotov Cocktail of a drink that cannot be denied. With excitement, I gathered up the ingredients and had a go at my (once famous) rum watermelon.